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Some General Problems during pregnancy

problems during pregnancy


Bringing a new life to this world is really an amazing experience and only a lady can understand this feeling. During pregnancy period, the body of women goes through various difficult phases. It requires lots of precautions for a pregnant lady to keep herself as well as the child healthy. The problems during pregnancy keep on changing in different months that is why proper guidelines are necessary to stay healthy. Not for just women, but the husband and parents also need to pay proper attention on the health issues to overcome all the complications. If you are also going through this phase of life or want to understand the problems of your wife during pregnancy then scroll down to know more.


  • Vomiting and sickness

problems during pregnancy
Source -acupuncture & herb clinic

This is one of the most common problems during pregnancy and almost ever women go through this situation. There are some common symptoms like:-

  • No feeling of hunger
  • Not feeling thirsty
  • Dehydration

In case the situation goes out of control, you need an immediate consultation with a specialized doctor. There are some medication courses and diet changes that can help in overcoming this situation. Neglecting this problem may lead to some serious health issues of the mother as well as child too.

  • Constipation


During pregnancy, you may feel like spending much time in a toilet than usual. Actually, this is a common problem among many pregnant ladies which occurs due to the pregnancy hormones. It results to the slow-down of the digestive system working because hormones directly pass most of the nutrients to the baby. Fibre rich diet including:-

  • Fruits
  • Grains
  • Vegetables
  • Beans

are very helpful remedies that you can easily avail at home. Only in serious cases, you need to consult a doctor for medication.

  • Urine leaking

If you are also feeling urine leaking problems during pregnancy then there is no need to worry so much. Actually, it is a natural thing which occurs due to release of some specific hormones. These hormones relax the pelvic muscles for an easy delivery that is why it happens. Also when baby starts growing in the womb, the pressure increases on the bladder and cause the problem of leaking urine. Here are some tips to minimize this impact:-

  • Regular exercise as per physician guidelines
  • Going bathroom in the intervals of an hour or two.
  • Acne problem

Just like the teenage acne, you may feel the same situation in pregnancy period because of hormonal change. If you are facing this kind of problems during pregnancy then prefer only mild face wash instead of hard chemicals like salicylic acid. This is a temporary issue and will not last for a long time so there is no need to worry at all. Only in a chronic condition, you need to consult the dermatologist.

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  • Leaking Breasts

problems during pregnancy
source- Fit Pregnancy

While becoming a mother, it is obvious that your body changes according to the needs of a baby. Leaking of breasts is a sign that signifies that you are now ready to feed a baby. At the initial stage, it may seem odd because of the spots on clothes due to leaking fluid. To tackle this problem, here are some simple efforts to implement:-

  • Use nursing pads inside bra so that the wetness absorbs automatically
  • Avoid light colour clothes to wear for some time.

This is among the problems during pregnancy that automatically becomes normal after sometime. When the baby comes, breast leaking automatically stops and you can start a normal life.

Becoming is not an easy thing because it completely changes the life of a woman. Most of the problems occur is natural due to hormonal change. Consequently, there is no need of getting worried. Whether you are the pregnant lady or her husband, proper knowledge can help out in understanding and overcome many problems easily.


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