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Most Beneficial Exercises During Pregnancy


Exercises during pregnancy

On the time of pregnancy, the body of women goes through various complexions that need proper attention. In case of negligence, the situation may go worse and doctor consultancy may become essential. To avoid such kind of situation, there are some easy tips and tricks that you can implement in daily life. This includes some of the following activities:-

  • Specific exercises during pregnancy
  • Nutritious food consumption
  • Fulfilment of essential minerals like iron and folic acid

Hence, the best way is daily exercise recommended by a physician. It is not a difficult task and helps in keeping the body fit to face all kind of difficulties. Note down some exercise postures that are given in below article:-

  • Water workouts

Water exercises during pregnancy are one of the best ways to ease the difficulties occurrence. Regular exercises in cold water can solve many issues regarding the strength of pregnant women body. Here are the exercises that you can do on regular basis:-

  • Pendulum cross
  • Floating Abs
  • Floating Frog
  • Cross country ski

These exercises can make your arms, shoulders, hips and buttocks much stronger and stretch the calves.


  • Stress releasing exercise

The stressful mind of pregnant implies bad impact on the health of both mother and child too. The time of pregnancy may be stressful and it becomes more uneasy during the first time. To stay always calm, note down some useful exercises:-

  • Spine Aligner
  • Cat
  • Runner’s stretch
  • Chest opener
  • Side stretch
  • Child Pose

These are some very basic postures and one can perform them easily without requiring any expert help.

Doing yoga exercises during pregnancy is one of the best and tested way to stay fit. It is the oldest way of exercising to beneficiate body, mind and soul too. All you need is to know the right exercises which are specifically made for pregnant ladies. During pregnancy period, do these yoga exercises on regular basis:-

  • Cow tilt
  • Child Pose
  • Yogi push ups
  • Yogini squats
  • Butterfly poses

Not just in pregnancy, but these postures are helpful in tackling many other health problems. But in case of pregnancy, yoga helps in preparing the body for labour.

  • Muscle strengthening

It is very important to keep the strength of body in constant position during pregnancy. This is because pregnant lady faces many phases that weaken their body from both inside and outside. To increase the stamina, do the following these exercises during pregnancy regularly:-

  • Full body sit and reach
  • Baby pickups
  • Mama arms
  • New mom getups

These exercises are helpful in both time periods i.e. during pregnancy and after delivering the baby too.

  • Back pain relief exercise

Back pain is one of the most common issues in pregnancy period because of the excessive weight in mother’s womb. It directly impacts the backbone and causes regular pain. For the strength of back, the only way is to perform some special exercise moves. This kind of exercises during pregnancy helps in reducing reliance on medication courses for the strengthening of bones and muscles:-

  • Core twist
  • Triangle pose
  • Deadlift to curl

Doing them regularly can improve the strength of backbone and you can easily move without requiring someone’s help even in the last month of delivery.

Wrapping up

Exercise must be an essential part of normal life and when it comes to the pregnancy, the importance increases. The above postures and poses are very helpful in strengthening the body and mind of a pregnant lady. Also, exercises during pregnancy prepare the body to give normal delivery with minimal painful experience. All you need is to consult with a physician before starting any of the exercises. It is important because some postures may not suit your body.


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  1. I have gone through your article and I must say that yoga is best solution for every problems. Exercises that you have suggested for pregnant women are good to strengthen muscles and breathing exercises are best choice. Good read.

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