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Pregnancy Symptoms To Find Out Whether You Are Pregnant Or Not

pregnancy symptoms

Becoming a parent is one of the biggest happiness in the life of parents. For both mother and father, it is a matter of responsibility because a baby completely changes the life. If it is a new experience and you want to confirm your pregnancy then this article will definitely help. Planning for a child needs futuristic thinking approach full of uncertainties. As being a mother, this is much excitement for you know about the pregnancy symptoms. During pregnancy period, the body goes through serval changes. This is the reason why physicians recommend too many precautions to the mother for the safety of the upcoming baby. Scroll down and find out whether you are pregnant or not from these symptoms.



The symptoms of pregnancy keep on changing since the first week of mating and you can see it as mild cramping and spotting. Here are some signs that will signify your pregnancy:-

  • Mood swinging

The hormonal change affects neurotransmitters of a brain that results in mood swinging. It is a common symptom among most of the pregnant women so there is no need to worry. Mothers react in different ways that include a high level of emotion, depression or anxiousness. Although it is a common symptom if you feel the emotions go out of control then contact the physician immediately.

  •  Periods missing

If your regular mensuration cycle starts missing in the middle of a month and it seems something unusual then bring a pregnancy test kit from the medical store. In case if your periods are irregular before expecting pregnancy then try some more methods for determining.

  • Abdominal Bloating

It is clear that female body goes through major hormonal change, as a result abdominal bloating is a usual symptom. It may make you feel exactly like before the periods. Body parts like waistline and stomach start popping out even before any major change in a uterus.

  • Increase in heart rate than usual

Women body needs extra strength during pregnancy that is why heart starts pumping much faster and harder. This may result in the increase in heart rate. You can see these kinds of symptoms within 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy. This is a consequent of hormonal change that signifies early preparation of a body for giving birth.

  • Changes in breasts

When the body starts adjusting itself to becoming a mother, you can see significant changes in breasts. Aching, tingling and growing are some pregnancy symptoms that you may notice within six weeks. Around 11th week, the nipple area starts growing larger and also change colour.

  • Sickness and vomiting

These are the early pregnancy symptoms which include morning sickness in most of the cases. A mother may also feel like vomiting again and again with nausea.

  • Fatigue

Increasing level of progesterone hormone in the body leads to fatigue situation and you feel like tired. This is a sudden change and also results to sleepiness more than usual. This starts happening mostly when the body starts gaining weight.

  • Home pregnancy test kit

The pregnancy test kits are available for personal use from medical stores. It is a suggestion that uses this test kit right after one week of period missing. It is possible that it cannot detect your pregnancy in the first attempt to use another one after a week for confirmation. Always prefer a popular and reliable testing device for this purpose.


Wrapping up

The above-mentioned pregnancy symptoms are enough to make someone realize that she is pregnant. If you or your wife is also going through this stage then immediately consult a women health specialist for proper guidance and precautions. It is the duty of both husband and wife to maintain popper comfort for an easy delivery.



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