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How to soothe a teething baby at night


Ways to soothe a teething baby at night

Every small and big issue regarding baby’s health needs special attention because they completely depend on parents for any requirement. Right after three months of birth, teething begins and it results in too many consequences such as swelling, irritation and pain also. There is not any way to understand their language, only you can observe the activity of baby for monitoring any health issue. Mostly at night, it becomes difficult to soothe them because it also may interrupt the sleep of other family members. Scroll down and find out some effective methods if you have recently become a parent.

Signs of teething

teethiing baby


  • Excess of drool
  • Start biting
  • Sleepless nights and days
  • Rubbing cheeks and pulling ears
  • Fussiness in baby

My Competitor explains it well signs and symptoms of teething. Have a look.

Effective methods to soothe teething baby

  • Diet with low inflammation impacts

Most of the white edibles including dairy and sugar products contain inflammation agents that may disturb your baby. Instead of these things, prefer to feed mashed fruits, vegetables and egg.

  • Strengthen the immunity

Good immunity is essential if you want to soothe a teething baby because immune system helps to tackle this problem. As a responsible mother, continue the breastfeeding which is the best source of immunity builders. Apart from that, also prefer vitamin D which is very easily obtainable from sunlight. Another effective agent to strengthen the immunity of baby is probiotic.

  • Toys for teething babies

In the market or online stores, you can find lots of toys which are specially made to soothe a teething baby. Just make sure that the toy you are going to buy must be nontoxic. There are two best options to choose in that case:-

  • Soft wooden teethers
  • Silicon teething rings
  • Give gentle massage with fingers

In a smooth circular motion, massage on the gums of your baby. Especially concentrate on those areas in the mouth where tooth are coming out and you can feel them by touching. Before doing this, make sure that your hands are properly clean. This method is also helpful at night when the baby suddenly starts crying.

  • Teething Gel

The gel is an effective way to soothe a teething baby if you use it with proper precautions. Teething gen has properties to numb the area of gums so that baby will not feel any kind of pain or irritation. Consequently, this property of gel also creates difficulty in feeding baby. Make sure that avoid its excessive use more than 5 times a day and do not apply right before feeding.

Home remedies

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Apart from the above methods, there are also some home remedies to control the teething issue in babies. Here is the list:-

  • Chamomile

Chamomile is one of the best remedies for soothing the pain by relaxing nerves. It works great for both children as well as adults equally. You can use it in several ways such as:-

  • Make an ice cube with dilute tea of chamomile and put it in a muslin Give it to your baby for gnawing so that soothing agents directly heal the pain.
  • Just put few drops of its oil directly on your finger and massage on the baby tooth and gums for instant relief.
  • Cloves

The oil of clove is one of the best home remedies to soothe a teething baby because of its pain relieving properties. It works as a local anaesthesia for calming down irritation and pain in gums.


Wrapping up

You may implement any of these methods which suit best on your teething baby. Just make sure that use all of them in limited quantity and gentle care. Babies are much prone to the side effects of any new thing, so apply them with proper precaution. Also, consult a child physician before using remedies like gel and clove oil.

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